Casting the Right Film Talent for Your Story

Most films count on performing a series of casting calls before they decide on a final group to star in the production. Separate casting calls should be performed for lead roles, supporting roles, dancers, models and any other groups that are necessary to complete the storyline. The process typically begins by creating an open casting call, encouraging actors to send in their resumes, head shots and clips for review. Once the producer and director have had a chance to go through these materials they will narrow down a list of individuals that should come in for a reading.

Casting calls for film talent will often begin with a simple reading of the part the actor hopes to play. This will help to determine if their acting style, voice and appearance is fitting for the character. These auditions are typically recorded so the production staff can compare performances to better determine which actor is the most suitable for the role. These auditions will typically be narrowed down to a small selection of front runners that will receive a call back for a second audition that is more extensive. Final rounds of auditions will not typically be held until frontrunners for each role have been selected.

During the final rounds of auditions, the actors being considered for each part will often be auditioned together to help ensure that there is an appropriate level of chemistry amongst the group. The film talent selected for the project will need to be able to portray the emotions of a scene without coming across as artificial. Selecting actors that work well together is an ideal way to create chemistry, tension and drama without having to resort to multiple takes. Consider selecting actors that are used to working together so that it will be easy for them to slip into character.

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