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“Surveillance” comes from a French word which means “to watch over”; camera surveillance uses photography to watch over people in public places like in a mall & company. Megapixel is most important feature of a camera for clarity and it possess 16 megapixel sensors with 610 pixel OLED tilting 3 inch screen. It allows you to capture self portraits using customizable timer and creates stunning collages. You must analyze your home or office structure and security needs and then decide on the security system. CCTV Security Cameras systems usually come with a set of equipments that would identify thefts, unauthorized entries, key holding & Alarm response, fire alarming, etc. In order to choose the most suitable CCTV Camera type and model for particular application, several aspects of the environment need to be considered. For every environmental parameter like the lighting conditions, distances etc. In .

By using Human Security system in your business  or home you can preventing  these crimes, but adding a surveillance camera system you can protect you all property is easy way, In case of business if you using Security System then front and back door can be covered, plus you can monitor employees and customers. Of course, where you place your surveillance cameras is ultimately up to you but it should give you enough flexibility to cover most vulnerable areas. Visit 123 CCTV here for Security camera system as per your requirement . Wireless cameras are also available these days you want to do remote access. Whether you opt for a single camera or a full surveillance system, there are common components which include everything you need to set up your home security system.

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