Working with Scouts and Managers to Secure Film Locations

The selection of film locations is often done before your budget has been set and casting calls have been completed. With so much going on, the producer and director may not have time to personally select shooting locations for the film. They may also lack the expertise to recommend locations that are either ideal for reflecting the atmosphere depicted in the script while adhering to any financial or legal restrictions that apply to shooting in a specific country or region. To better address these restrictions, production crews will often delegate location scouting to additional staff members that have the time and expertise to take on these tasks.

A location scout can be used to select filming locations that are most appropriate for your project. They will need to be familiar both with the type of location you need and the budget you are working with so they can negotiate a contract with those that own this location that is suitable for your needs. Film scouting often involved a lot of phone calls and research to find an area that is most appropriate. They will also need to consider items like taxes, timing restrictions, weather, lighting and contaminants that might impact your ability to use the space before signing a contract or acquiring permits for the use of the location.

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